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Kytkinpaketti Toyota Camry 2.0L 2WD (3SFE/225mm) 5/90-91, Toyota Camry 2.2L (225mm) 92-04 ACT - Xtreme Race (Heavy Duty Pressure Plate / 4-Pad Race Disc) TY2-HDR4

Tuotekoodi: 6012
Torque capacity: 320 feet/lbs, Increase in clamping force: 37%
Hinta: 549.00 € (Sis. Alv. 24%)
Osamaksulla erät alk. 22.60 €/kk Näytä lisää »
After spending hundreds or thousands of dollars building that high-powered engine, you need a quality clutch that can properly transfer that power into motion. But there is much more to consider. For street use, you will need a long lasting clutch that has positive feel, smooth engagement and quiet operation. For racing, you need a tough clutch that will enable quick shifts and hard slips all the way to the finish line. ACT recognizes that every driver and engine set up is unique, so a variety of complete clutch kits and components are offered to match virtually any situation.