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Kytkinpaketti Honda S2000 2.0L (Pull Type) 00-02 Exedy Clutch Kits - Hyper Single HH01SD

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The Hyper Single Clutch is engineered to optimize performance for cars that are moderately modified, but do not require the clutch capacity of a multi-plate clutch. Similar to our multi-plate clutches, it has a forged aluminum cover that is anodized purple. The aluminum cover is stiffer than a stamped cover and therefore allows a higher lever ratio to maintain the pedal efforts at a reasonable level. There is no clamp load deflection as found in a pressed metal type cover. All Hyper Clutches come with a steel flywheel, 6-puck cerametallic facing, spring center damper disc assembly. The disc is generally smaller and thinner than the OEM disc making for lower inertia and therefore quicker, easier shifting and less wear and tear on the transmission synchros. The higher clamp load and cerametallic friction facings give approximately twice the holding torque of the OEM clutch and generally higher than other single plate clutches. An additional feature of the pressure plate is a series of turbine-like, air flow enhancing vanes that keep the clutch cooler under extreme operating conditions to improve wear life. As with all cerametallic clutches, the street driveability may be marginal due to chattering and harsh engagement characteristics.
Includes lightweight flywheel. Clamp Load 2205 lbs.