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Carpower CAP-50HEX, Virtakondensaattori 5F 00142330

Tuotekoodi: 12707

High-tech power capacitor, 5F,
with innovative carbon hybrid technology, thus highest capacitance in a housing of smallest size.

  • Extra low internal resistance
  • Chrome-coloured hexagonal housing
  • Capacitance: 5F
  • Digital voltage display, 3 digits, blue
  • 12 blue LEDs, pulse controlled
  • Blue neon lighting ring
  • Supplied with brackets
  • Supplied in a wooden case
Hinta: 252.00 € (Sis. Alv. 24%)
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All CARPOWER capacitors are manufactured with exacting tolerances in the voltage stability and the effective capacity. Some products on the market vary from that with up to -30% capacity. An internal resistance as low as possible is crucial for increased performance and improved quality.
The higher the voltage stability, the higher the quality.

Technical Facts Capacitors

Capacitance 5F
Capacitor Q 18V DC current
Operating voltage 12V DC current
Admiss. ambient temp. -20 °C to +60 °C
Dimensions 95x250x85mm
Weight 1.94kg Connections 2 x screw termina

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