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Carpower CAP-10, Virtakondensaattori 1F 00142080

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Power capacitors for stabilizing the voltage for an optimum voltage supply of power amplifiers. Extreme load peaks due to high pulsed currents at particularly powerful low bass frequencies are compensated. Effects: higher amplification, distinct sound improvement due to bass frequencies of low fundamental resonance, transparent mid-frequencies, and brilliant high frequencies.

Power capacitor

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  • Blue housing
  • Capacitance: 1F
  • Status indication via 3 LEDs
  • Supplied with brackets

All CARPOWER capacitors are manufactured with exacting tolerances in the voltage stability and the effective capacity. Some products on the market vary from that with up to -30% capacity. An internal resistance as low as possible is crucial for increased performance and improved quality.
The higher the voltage stability, the higher the quality.

Technical Facts Capacitors

Capacitance 1F
Capacitor Q 20V DC current
Operating voltage 12V DC current
Admiss. ambient temp. -20 °C to +60 °C
Dimensions Ø 75mm x 270mm
Weight 1.3kg
Connections 2 x screw terminal